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What does the referral fee for nannies include?

The referral fee includes placing your family with the best nanny to meet your needs, prepartion of nanny/family agreement, discounted temporary services, and providing ongoing support for your family.


What does the registration fee include? How often is it due?

The registration fee is due annually and includes recruiting sitters/nannies, First Aid/ CPR training, in-home/phone consultation, and background check.


Do you babysit on holidays?

Yes, there are babysitters that provide services on holidays.


What are the methods of payment?

Method of payment are cash, credit/debit.


What is the hourly rate?

The hourly rate is negotiated between the family and sitter. Recommended rates should start at $8 per hour to $15 hour, depending on experience.


Does my sitter have any child care experience?

Sitters must have at least 3 months of child care experience.


Do you offer nanny services?

Yes. We understand that some families will have long term child care needs. Nannies are referred at $200 per referral for a live-out nanny and $400 per referral for a live-in nanny.













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