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Celebrating Valentine's Day as a Family

We all know that Valentine's Day is the time we spend with our significant others and spouses. We spend plenty of money on gifts, dinner and movie dates, and weekend getaways. With all the things that we do, there is one question. How do we share this special day with our children? Is it enough to get them a teddy bear and all the candy they could ever want, while walking out the door for the evening or weekend? What would they say if you asked them what Valentine's Day was to them?

No matter what you fear their answer may be, there are still a few days to teach them how your family celebrates Valentine's Day. Continue reading below for a few tips to have a successful Valentine's Day with your entire family.

1) Explain to your children what Valentine's Day is.

In your own way, explain to your children what Valentine's Day means to you and why you celebrate it. Every family has their own way of expressing their love for one another.

2)Let others teach your children about Valentine's Day.

There are many books that explain what Valentine's Day is and how families celebrate it. Every night leading up to the 14th, switch up your bedtime stories and include books about love and Valentine's Day. This will help them understand it better.

3) Decorate.

Just as we decorate our homes for Christmas and other holidays, we can also do it for Valentine's Day. Include your children by allowing them to help with the table cloth, place the flowers, and pick out nice kitchen accessories. It would be fun for them and a great way to spend time together as a family.

4) Arts and Crafts

There are tons of arts and crafts activities that can be done. If you are not the most creative parents, Pinterest may be your next stop for ideas. Also, ask your children what they would like to make. Their creative minds are always going!

5) Give together.

Valentine's Day should include giving to those you love. It does not have to be extravagant, but from the heart. Allow your children to accompany you to pick out gifts for your loved ones. Also, ask them if they have a special someone they would like to give a Valentine's Day gift to. Their teacher may allow them to give cards to their classroom. These can be found at several stores for as little as $1.

By next year, your children will become excited as soon as you mention Valentine's Day! In honor of Valentine's Day and giving, I would like to give away one free hour of babysitting services to all new families. Just complete an application on our website. You may also schedule an in-home or phone consultation on our booking page.

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