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All About Our Event Childcare with Louise's Angels Babysitting Service

For many families, the thought of having on-site childcare at any event that may have never crossed anyone's mind. Why do we need childcare? Are our events too inappropriate for children? We've been mixing children and adult events for years!

This concept may be new to you, but with the right assistance it can make any event more enjoyable. Continue reading below to see why you should hire Louise's Angels Babysitting Service at your next event!

Create a Wonderful Wedding Experience for Your Guests

Have you ever attended a wedding and you missed the best part because your children were complaining about how bored they were? What about the time you really wanted to attend your friend's wedding but there was a "no child" policy and you had no babysitting options? These scenarios can change with the addition of having on-site childcare provided at your wedding. Each wedding I have provided child care services for ended with parents appreciating us for giving them a night off without hiring a babysitter. The children also appreciated the food, games, and ability to have fun with their cousins in a different environment.

Less Birthday Party Stress is The Best

Planning a birthday party can be very stressful, but with assistance from Louise's Angels it can become a great experience. What theme will I choose? Is my home big enough to host 20 children and their families? With Louise's Angels' Assistance, you will have the perfect party planned in no time. From the invitations to the food choice, your child's birthday party will be a child centered, budget friendly event that your child will remember many years down the road.

Sometimes Children at Adult Events Don't Mix

Baby showers, bridal showers, and other family events may be the perfect event for you to enjoy yourself, but what about the children? Do they really enjoy sitting around grown-ups listening to endless conversation they can't participate in? Hiring Louise's Angels at your next baby shower or family event can create the perfect environment for your children. With Louise's Angels babysitters on-site to provide fun, yet safe activities for the children to participate in will allow for a great time for everyone.

Overall, Louise's Angels can make any event one that both the children and adults will remember. Often, we plan events and forget about the children, but with Louise's Angels around this is no longer the case. To learn more about our event services please email us at

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