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Let's Learn Together!

Since the start of this period of quarantine, many of us have been trying to find something to do with our time. Before, our careers took up most of our time. The other few hours were spent parenting and barely hanging on. All to wake up and do it all over again.

During this time, I have ran into some really great resources that I would like to share that I believe will be of great help to someone. We can never learn too much and we all know that knowledge is power. When we know more, we can do more and have confidence in what we are doing. Listed below are a few links to great resources. Registration ends for some of them in a few hours so let's go!

National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Virtual Institute

This free institute consists of over 100 presentations, covering a diverse selection of topics, from presenters who would have presented at the Professional Learning Institute. Courses such as Helping Little People With Big Feelings, which is a great presentation for a time like this, are offered along with so many more. By signing up at you can have free, unlimited access until July 17, 2020. All attendees will receive a certificate of attendance for each presentation they view which is great if you work in the field of Early Childhood Education and need professional development hours.


Edx offers online courses as well as programs and degrees. With courses in several subjects, edX offers the opportunity to learn at the collegiate level without paying full tuition. Harvard University and Berkeley are just a few of the schools that partner with edX. Courses may be audited for free, but you can also receive a certificate for many courses for a small fee. Financial aid is also offered for those experiencing financial hardship. Sign up here at to begin learning.

These are great resources that are perfect for parents who are still at home. I hope this helps!


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